1998 June 22

On June 4, after a 3 day road trip from Wisconsin to California, my parents and I finally ended up in Sunnyvale, California. We went to get the key to my new apartment, but found that the apartment had been rented out even though I had reserved it in advance. So, the apartment manager called up some other places and found me an apartment that was available nearby. That is the apartment in which I am now living.

I like my new apartment a lot. I've got 152% more space than I did in my previous apartment. I also pay 253% more rent than I did at my previous apartment. (The old apartment was 225 sq/ft and the new one is 567 sq/ft. The rent for the old apartment was $269/mo and the rent for the new apartment is $950/mo.) However, as everyone knows, housing is expensive here in the valley.

I've got a couch and a padded chair now!

Geoff's Apartment

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