Pac-man costume

I made an awesome Pac-man costume! I've seen some pictures of Pac-man costumes on the net, but I wasn't able to find any that are as cool as mine (although it's possible they did exist back in the 1980's). If anyone has any pictures of pac-man costumes posted on the net then let me know and I'll link to them.

I actually haven't finished putting the fabric on yet (I'm sort of getting down to the wire. I have to get this done before the 31st), but here are some pics of what I have now.

Here's what it looked like after I finished the frame. You know, it's surprisingly difficult to get a circle to be perfectly round. I attached a string to the center and went around the edge and taped the circular tubing to the rest of the frame at just the right points.

Now I have hung it up and put some fabric on it.

It turns out that the fabric was too easy to see through, even when I put 2 layers on, so I added some black latex here. (The latex has a white fuzzy side for some reason, so I put that side out.)

You never think about these things until you actually try to build something like this, but a costume this big doesn't just float around on you. You have to attach yourself to it in some way. I've used two belts. One goes around my waist and attaches to the 4 corners on the bottom. The other belt goes around my chest and attaches to the upper back part of the costume (to balance it).

I won the group costume contest at work! The top of the ghost costume looks a bit lopsided, but it's really an optical illusion that results from the placement of the eyes and the angle we're looking at the costume. The top is a tiny bit lopsided, but not nearly as much as it looks like in that picture. The fabric hanging down near my legs is the result of me accidentally tearing the stitching when I stepped too widely.

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