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funny geek seeks silly video game player

I'm a 28-year-old software engineer currently working at a small company near San Francisco. I have recently spent a lot of time playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and I enjoy it a lot! I'm not into watching sports, but I do enjoy a good game of miniature golf. I enjoy reading science fiction, playing computer games, and watching intelligent cartoons. My favorite author is Vernor Vinge and my favorite book is "A Fire Upon the Deep". I enjoy deep philosophical discussions, but I also enjoy talking about The Simpsons and South Park. *smile*

I make a comfortable salary for a Silicon Valley software engineer and I'm responsible with my money. (A little over 20% of my salary goes into my 401k and my investment accounts every year.)

I'm looking for a woman who likes video games, enjoys cuddling, and is free spirited (You have to be willing to look a little silly in order to play DDR!). I want an open, honest, and caring relationship. If there's a problem I want to talk about it instead of letting the problem fester. I like women who like video games, South Park, and science fiction. I find intelligent confident women very attractive. She should also be just a little bit silly! :) The woman of my dreams is also cheerful, optimistic, and not religious.

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