Sleep? Isn't that a completely inadequate substitute for caffeine?
- programmers' saying from Wizardry Compiled by Rick Cook
Programming is like pinball. The reward for doing it well is the opportunity to do it again.
- programmers' saying from Wizardry Compiled by Rick Cook
The problem with a kludge is eventually you're going to have to go back and do it right.
- programmers' saying from Wizardry Compiled by Rick Cook


To read about what led me to become a Computer Programmer check out the section of my history page which describes my history as a programmer.


I find beauty in well-written code and am repulsed when I see code which is messy and inelegant. Here are some lists of programming related things which evoke my emotions to some extent.

programming related things which give me warm fuzzies

  • polymorphism done well
  • object hierarchies which make sense (i.e., they aren't forced)
  • objects which do useful things while still being easy to use (by programmers who didn't write the code for the object)
  • abstract, yet efficient, objects that were designed for extensability and reuse.
  • reuse

programming related things which I find repulsive

  • heavily used inheritence trees that don't have interfaces at the top. That sort of thing really paints you into a corner a few years down the road.
  • single objects that try to do everything
  • programs which make extensive use of ridiculously deep and complex systems of if-then-else statements



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