Ajax means client side javascript that calls the server and updates the page using javascript.

However, there's also purely client side dynamic html.

  • sorttable : Easy sortable tables. Just include the javascript, put the style class "sortable" on the table and BOOM you've got a client side sortable table! Here's my version of sorttable.js with some of my own improvements. (original version):
    • Tables with INPUT text fields will now be sorted by the value of the actual input field.
    • Instead of sorting either numerically or alphanumerically, I eliminated the numeric sort and combined it with the lowercase sort so that you can combine numbers and characters in the same column and have the numbers sorted numerically.
    • I've added additional empty cell handling which sorts properly in all these new circumstances so that empty cells are sorted to the end.
    • I've modified the column identification process so that columns with an empty first cell will still be identified properly. (it iterates through the cells until it hits a non-null cell (including input text fields)
    • Input fields of type hidden are now ignored. This was screwing up my sorting because I had a table with hidden fields after the input text fields and it was using the hidden field whenever the text field was empty.
    • You can mark a header cell as being sorted in a particular direction by adding the style class "sortDirDown" or "sortDirUp" to the TD cell surrounding the header cell. Note that this does not actually sort the column. It just marks the cell with the proper initial arrow. Use this if you presort the entries in a table on the initial view.
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