Minimalist Opera skin: Spell checking in Opera!
I currently use Breeze Simplified MICRO since that maximizes the number of tabs I can see at once. I can now spell check stuff inside the browser! This is especially cook for when I'm editing these pages that you see before you. :)

Customizing Opera:

Modifying the alt-d feeds menu:
Basically, just edit the english.lng file and replace 70491="Feeds" with 70491="RSS" or some other name that does not have a D in it before any other significant letter.

In preferences | Advanced | Browsing, make Cycle Pages be "Cycle in page bar order".

In preferences | Advanced | Fonts, make the interface menus and toolbars use a smaller font.

In tools | appearance | skin, change the Icon Size to be 40%.

In tools | preferences | search, remove (because it conflicts) and add and
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