I have purchased the kickass Singer Quantum XL-6000 embroidery machine! I bought it used on ebay for $2495. It was definitely a splurge, but I know this machine is going to serious kick ass!

Stick a shirt in a hoop, put it on the machine, write some text, select a font, and boom! Instant T-shirt with slogan.

Imagine a T-shirt entirely covered in various sizes of "42".

Imagine taking a jpeg, converting it, sending it to the machine, and then letting it embroider that picture onto a shirt. (This requires changing thread for each color, but if the picture isn't too colorful then that shouldn't be too bad since the machine autothreads.

Tips on usage of Singer Quantum XL-6000 for embroidery

  • Don't put the embroidery thread caps on too far. Just shimmy them down until a quarter inch of the spindle is sticking out the top. If you push them down too far the thread rewinding will rewind the thread improperly. It's also harder to get the tops off when you push them down too far.
  • When doing thread changing, it's best to have the left spool go first. It's easier to thread the 2nd spool after the first one.
  • When setting up thread changing, first pull one spool through the path on the top of the machine and then hit the autothread button to thread the needle. Only then do you pull the thread through for the second spool.

Good embroidery machine troubleshooting:

Embroidery information:

In order to use the software Autodigitizing v4, a light touch is needed. It crashes constantly for certain actions. But, the embroidery files it generates from images are top notch, so it's absolutely worth it.

  • Resize all images to roughly 1000 pixels to a side before importing. Smaller images will give terrible results.
  • When exporting the file, never export "to Directory". It crashes every time for me when I do that. I always export "to Device".
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