Emily helped me beta test the costume.

Halloween 2008 is over! This was the first year that I've made a big costume while not employed at IGN. For a while I wondered what to do. In the end I decided that I would build the costume and take photos for my website and then just walk around a bit in town and then take it apart.

I decided that the whole point of making a Halloween costume is to put it up on this website. If I can enjoy myself elsewhere with the costume then that's an added bonus.

In any case, the people in town all seemed to enjoy it. I can't even count the number of times that random people yelled "What time is it?". I responded at various times with random clock times or "It's costume time!". After a while I responded "It's time for a rest!". That usually got a laugh.

designing the alarm clock costume
building the alarm clock costume
wearing the alarm clock costume

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