The period of time in one's life where you are able to regularly play loud music at home is very limited.

When you are young you live with your parents and they won't want to hear the loud music when they are home.

When you leave home for college you move into a dorm or apartment. You can play some loud music here, but you will piss a lot of people off if you do this at the wrong time. Basically, you can play loud music on Friday nights and perhaps on Saturday.

When you graduate from college you won't have much money yet. You won't be able to afford a house. When living in an apartment outside of a college community you are even more limited. If you play loud music at any time of day on any day of the week you are likely to piss someone off.

As you get older you'll have enough money to buy a house, but by this time you are likely to be near marrying or perhaps you might live in an expensive real estate market where it's nearly impossible for a single person to own a house. If you are unmarried (and not living with someone) and you can afford a house then now you will have entered a limited golden time where you can play loud music at any time day or night at whatever volume you like.

When someone moves in with you things change. You need to work with them to play music loudly only if they aren't overly bothered by it. This may be possible, but you have entered a time when you are at least somewhat limited.

Then come the kids. Playing loud music with a baby around is probably not a sign of great parenting. Once a baby comes along you can't play loud music anymore.

Once your kids get old enough you can probably just tell them to just deal with the loud music during the evenings, but you still need to deal with your partner and if you're a good parent you won't play the loud music late at night when it'd interrupt everyone's sleep.

Later on your kids will leave home, but your significant other is still there. This stage is the same as the stage right before kids come along.

At some point, if you're female, your man will probably die before you and you'll have a few years to play loud music before you die as well. If you are a man you are unlikely to outlive your wife in most cases. If you are a man who married an asian woman then she'll probably be alive decades after you're dead which means she gets decades of loud music.

Special case:

As you get older it's possible that your partner may go mostly deaf. In that case you can just have them turn off their hearing aid while you play loud music.

So there you have it. You get a few or no years in between college and marrying to play loud music at home at any time day or night. You get a bunch more years of loud music when you are old and your partner is deaf or dead.

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