It's Halloween 2008 and I'm ready to go!

All suited up.

I bought a sleeping cap and put Emily into a robe and slippers so that she would looks like a sleepy person next to my alarm clock. She looks pretty good! For some reason she's holding up her hand with the lens cap in it, but I still like the picture.

As we walked around many people asked to have their picture taken with the costume. That was a lot of fun.

They also often asked how I could see out of the costume. If you don't know, the answer is that the black in the costume is partially transparent. Generally, if I have black on my costume in roughly the position where my head is then you can just assume that I can see through it.

Also, there was a little hole in the seam of the XII which I didn't fix so that I could see out of it.

This kid was messing with my hands. Some kids had grabby fingers. Usually the parents told them to stop messing with the costume. One kid actually slapped the XII which startled me a bit because it was pretty close to my face.

I think this guy was handing me my bell ringer back after I had dropped it.

Notice all the sweat on my shirt. I look pretty terrible in these last pictures because I was all sweaty and tired from all the work of carrying the costume around.

As a general rule my costumes are not very comfortable to wear. They are usually stuffy and hot. This time I really wished I had put a harness in it so that I didn't need to use my hands and arms to balance and hold the thing up. The next day I actually had a bruise on one arm where I had been resting the costume.

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