You can find out more about my Super Monkey Ball costume at Super Monkey Ball costume.

Circles can be made in many ways. For large circles I just use a string tied to a pencil. This is the tool I use for medium size circles. For small circles I just use a compass.

The bottom thing is the arm (the line in the middle is where my elbow is).

These are the slices for the monkey head. The smaller one was for the first monkey head. The larger one is for the actual head I finally used. Cut out six of those and sew them together to get a sphere.

This is a foot. Cut out two of these (with the inner hole only cut out in one of them) and sew them together and you have a foot!

This is the shirt. Monkies apparently have very wide necks.

This is obviously the A on the shirt.

Here you can see my first attempt at the hands. This turned out to be too lopsided.

This is the design for the hands I actually used. This time, instead of just sketching the hands, I traced my own hand and took a bunch of measurements of different parts of the hand. Then I scaled it up.

Here is a close up of the hand diagram.

You can continue the Super Monkey Ball adventure at designing the monkey ball.
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