I am Burr Stoutheart, son of Thistle Stoutheart, son of Thorn Stoutheart. I hail from a proud line of wizards and have happily dedicated my life to learning. However, I find that I have a difficult time internalizing what I learn unless I apply that knowledge. As such I enjoy honing my skills as I adventure with companions helping those with problems in exchange for rewards that I may use to further my skill.

Make no mistake though. I am no tag-along who may cower at the back of a group only to grab the rewards at the end. I have a strong sense of honor, although that honor may not conform to the laws of the land. I remember the deeds of my friends and pay back the misdeeds of my enemies tenfold.

My greatest hope is that someday I might achieve the level of greatness of my forebears. Many great stories can be told about them, but perhaps those tales should wait for another time.

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