Get computer related questions answered

  • (excellent! This is a pay site.)
  • The Java forums here are great for searching, but if you ask a question it's hit or miss as to whether someone will answer it.
  • I don't know how good this site is because I've only asked one question there. You get great answers if you search there, but I asked one question there and it wasn't answered at all.

Science related questions

  • It seems like every question is treated with suspicion because so many cheaters are trying to get homework done for free. But, if you show work in your questions or if you ask a general question then they are very helpful and respond with a wide range of scientific knowledge.

Online reference:

  • O'Reilly has all their books online. You pay for a certain bookshelf size and then can put any book on it that you want. You can change the books are your shelf, but you can't move a book off your shelf until it has been there for a month. I find this service invaluable. It eliminates the lag time between wanting to know about a subject and receiving the book. Also, I hate paper reference books. Having them online makes them searchable and O'Reilly has the ability to narrow a search to a specific book.
  • An incredible amount of work has gone into organizing all the various tropes in entertainment (tv, movies, comics, books).

Get misc questions answered

Development environment

  • Eclipse Editor?
  • Visual SlickEdit (for quick text editing)
  • Open Office
  • Thunderbird
  • Multiple monitors! I have three! Life is good!
  • I've switched to Opera (from Firefox/Mozilla). The speed is very cool and it keeps state between closing the browser much better than Firefox.
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