• Rolling Ball Machines (I set of Frigits from my mom started my whole artistic phase.) See: RollingBallSystems
    * Electronics (hardware stuff that requires soldering and programming micro-controllers). I wanted to enhance my Rolling Ball System (my Chaos World of Motion sets) with additional capabilities, so I took a Kinetic Arts class at the Berkeley continuing education school. I've got lots of equipment for this now, but unfortunately it's really time consuming to do even the simplest stuff. At some point I may get back into this using those Lego robotics kits.
    * woodworking. See: FroggerBridge, TetrisJigsawPuzzle
    * welding. See: MetalPacman
    * making Halloween costumes 2003. (this was my first serious introduction to sewing by hand) See: PacmanCostume
    * cement casting. I took a class on this and made the QbertSteps.
    * screen printing. (This was short lived due to my disappointment with the messiness, slowness, and sloppiness of this sort of thing. I like crisp machine quality things.)
    * making Halloween costumes 2004 (this was after I learned to use metal wire to create shapes for cement casting) See: CentipedeCostume
    * making Halloween costumes 2005 (this was my first serious use of machine sewing to do pillow making). I can't reveal what this is yet though! Check back after Halloween.
    * machine embroidery/KickAssEmbroidery (using a programmable embroidery machine). As soon as I get a program to convert images to designs then I'll start making some cool stuff.
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