After we figured out that the gnome head fit in Emily's car we decided to go out for Halloween and try to find someplace to walk around in the costume. We went to a local mall, but we didn't see any groups of costumed kids in one spot. So, we started driving around. Eventually we decided that since Cupertino is supposed to have good schools, there must be a lot of kids there. So we drove around the back streets of Cupertino until we found a house that had a lot of Halloween decorations and a lot of costumed traffic going into and out of it.

We stopped and I started putting on my costume. Emily of course needed to create a situation where I was under pressure for no reason, so she called over a bunch of kids who were walking by. As a result I had to hurry and get the rest of the costume on before they got bored and walked away.

I finished putting the costume on, they were suitably impressed, then I gave them some candy (small Butterfingers) and they moved on.

We walked over to the decorated house and took some pictures with people.

Once I was there, people started telling us how great my costume was.

Strangely, when I took the head off people would smile at me, but when new people arrived I'd put on the head and people would exclaim how great the costume was. No one ever got excited about the costume until they saw me put the head on. The head looks plenty impressive on its own, so I don't know what it is, but for whatever reason people don't get really excited about the gnome until they see it all together.

Emily is dressed as a pixie. The original pixie costume was green, but Emily wanted one that matched my costume so I traced the original costume and made this one out of the same fabric that I used to make the orange parts of the gnome costume.

The lady there is the one who seemed to be running the place.

Emily said something about me standing next to the little girl. He then complained "I'm a boy!".

Emily is a terrible blind leader. While trying to walk around I knocked over the planter in the bottom left of the picture. It was holding a Halloween decoration of some sort.

We took two picture of these two kids and for some reason the kid on the right had his eyes closed both times!

That jester costume is a great costume. I was a little sad when I found out that it's a manufactured costume. When I googled for jester on google images it was actually on the first page of images. For some reason I tend to assume that people usually make their own costumes while most everyone else assumes that I buy my costumes somewhere.

These kids were nice, but I really don't think those are proper Halloween costumes.

Emily took this picture by accident, but I really like it. It's just so fun to see the gnome shoes next to normal shoes.

This is where the kids started yanking on my beard! I cried out to Emily for help, but she just laughed and took pictures.

I eventually had to take off my head to get them to stop.

But, as soon as I put the head back on they resumed the attack. What is it with people wanting to poke the poor gnome in the eye?

Emily looks so tall next to me!

The girl on the left is a laugher. She couldn't stop giggling during the entire time that she was around me. She just really enjoyed the costume I guess.

Emily actually looks tall next to that guy and he isn't even wearing a full body costume!

This is our next door neighbor William. He really enjoyed seeing my costume. He had asked me earlier about what I was going to be, so I had no choice but to drop by at the end of the night. He was out of candy, but that was ok.

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