* Have a "Question of the Week" which is posted at the top of the front page. Old questions are moved to a separate QuestionOfTheWeek page which may include answers. The QOTW should include a link to email me.
* If the number translator fails on the BigNumbers page, have it email me or at least keep a log somewhere.
* The number translator should translate ".23" to be zero point two three" instead of just "point two three".
* Put something specific on the name to number converter on the big numbers page. That way, if any site points directly at the iframe then users can see a link to the outer page.
* Make a page about my LASIK surgery and put a link to the eye surgery movie on the site. Perhaps use bittorrent?
* Make an "email" page which allows people to send me email. (as opposed to using a mailto link which has to be spam protected.)

* Set up website backup.
* mysqldump -uusername? -ppassword? database? > output filename? To import, just run this: mysql -uusername? -ppassword? database? < input filename?
Also have a script that uses ftp to copy to zftp site. Zip up entire site then copy it to zftp.

* Why does the website backup to zftp fail most nights?
* Ask 5star for permission to restart apache so that I can allocate more than 8M to the PHP scripts. The big numbers page won't edit because it requires more ram.
* change to in urls.

* Make simplified photo listing page for each project. This will be useful for phone browsing.
* see for more tiki info
* why do the zftp backups fail regularly? Are they actually backing up everything?
* title of Ephemerides box does not show up

Start backing up site on
* Figure out how to do a server side include. That would allow me to leave the blog where it is, etc.
* Need spell checker for blog and wiki entries.
* blog entries should have a subject/title/summary.
* blogs should also not always be all on one page (maybe).
* make sure that others can't create a blog without admin access
* the most recent blog entry should be editable. It's too easy to make a mistake and have it end up being permanent.
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