If you're going to beta test, thank you for your help!

The quickest way to play, if you have a windows system, is to download the exe of the game.

Alternatively, you'll need to download the TADS3 interpreter? then download the game http://g42.org/projects/IFComp2006/ABrokenMan.zip?. The game was compiled with TADS 3.0.12, so if it doesn't work with the interpreter you have, you may need to download the latest version of TADS.

When you play it, please do the following:
  • Keep track of the time when you started playing and when you finish it so that I know how long it took you to play the game. If it's way too short or long then I'll need to adjust things.
  • As soon as you start playing, type "script" and specify a filename. This will overwrite any file you specify if it exists (including an old log file), so make it unique. If you quit the game or close the interpreter then the log file will remain.
  • When you're done, send me the resulting log file (that was created by the script command).

You can send me a separate list of things you liked or didn't like in the game, but it's probably easier for you to just use the "note" command to tell me things in the log file. By that I mean that while logging is occurring, you can type
~pp~ note "You shouldn't have made that game so blue. I hate blue!"~/pp~and I'll see that in the logs. Feel free to note anything that's on your mind so I know how people react to things in the game.

The contest deadline is midnight on Sept 29, so please try and beta test it sometime in the next week (if you could do it in the next few days that would be awesome!). Thanks again for your help!
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