Update 2002-06-05: Be, Inc changed their strategy a long time
ago so that their OS is targetted at embedded devices. In any case,
I'm much more interested now in the idea of Java being the solution
to the OS lock-in problem. The BeOS was a great OS, but they never had
a Java interpreter, so that was a problem.

On January 1, 1999 I installed BeOS
R4. My initial impressions are highly favorable. It installed on a second
partition quickly and without any problems at all. It's very speedy
and responsive. WinNT 4 is extremely sluggish when compared to the BeOS
(running on the same machine). The BeOS
boots in roughly 15 seconds while WinNT 4 takes about 3 minutes 45 seconds.
All BeOS applications
load in less than a second. Few WinNT applications beyond notepad and
calc can claim that.

Programming for the BeOS
is far easier than programming for Windows. The C++ API is quite beautiful
(especially when compared to the kludgy clunky API for Windows).

The BeOS!
The BeOS!

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