Certificate from the International Star Registry

For a graduation present my mom had a star named after me!

On the lower right it says the following:
Lower right part of certificate from International Star Registry
"Know ye herewith that the International Star Registry doth hereby redesignate star number Cepheus RA 21h 13m 51s D57°2' to the name Geoff David Fortytwo Know ye further that this star will henceforth be known by this name * This name is permanently filed in The Registry's vault in Switzerland and recorded in a book which will be registered in the copyright office of the United States of America"

Then, on the lower left side it says the following:
Lower left part of certificate from International Star Registry

"In witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and affix the seal of the * International Star Registry * this 30th day of May 1998 P McAdams ? St?l?e Secretary Registrar

Pretty awesome! I know it's not completely official, but it's still pretty awesome.

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