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Turn off eclipse autocomplete for quotations to prevent it from always adding a second quotation mark when I put in the first one. To do that, open preferences and go to "Java | Editor" then select the "Typing" tab then uncheck the "Close strings" checkbox.

Turn off MyEclipseIDE JSP validation:
MyEclipse | Validation
then uncheck "JSP Validator".

In the GotoFile preferences, set it to show java files in package explorer, show in tabular format, and exclude directories like "_sgbak".

Keyboard mappings

  • ctrl-h => category="Search", name="File Search"
  • ctrl-tab => category="Window", name="Next Editor"


Online Eclipse reference: stay entirely resident

Eclipse Plugins:

  • ctrl-shift-r is so incredible I just want to kiss the ground of the person who implemented it. Now that I know of this, my eclipse experience has just become a million times better. I no longer need to spend 12 years searching through an irritatingly huge tree of files. Now I can be just as fast as I was when using Visual Slickedit! A very cool addition is the GotoFile plugin. That plugin is even better! It allows searching by camelcase (meaning that searching for DT will find a file named, but not display-data.xml).
  • Everyone knows that ctrl-shift-o will generate any imports needed. But, I just figured out that if I hit ctrl-space after some text that it'll atempt to find it and put it in the imports. I didn't know this because I had always tried typing the name then a dot and then hit ctrl-space to get the members. It always beeps. But if you hit ctrl-space before entering the period then it'll import it for you!
  • If you don't use a package (eg. java.util.logging) then u can specify it in preferences java>Appearance>Type Filters and it will ignore that package.
Split pane editing workaround:
  • Just go to "Window | New Window" to open a new workbench window. Then, you can view the same file in both places. It's not as nice as split pane editing would be, but it's somewhat acceptable.
Detachable eclipse editor windows bug:
The "-detach" command line argument will allow detached editor windows in eclipse.

In MyEclipseIDE you can change the webroot to something else by editing the .mymetadata file:


  • Need a way to indent or outdent a selection by 1 space. Eclipse allows you to move things in and out using tab. But I don't know of a way to just indent or outdent one space.
  • Need to have editor tabs listed vertically along the right side of the editor. I have my windows start bar on the right and my opera tab list on the right. I'd like my eclipse editor tabs on the right.
  • Need square block select (as opposed to the normal line select).
  • I have an ant task to generate working sets. I need a way to force eclipse to auto-reload that file (so a restart of ecilpse isn't needed).
  • Need lint plugin that'll tell me if an overridden method is changed so that the subclass no longer overrides that method.
  • need plugin to use command line interface to source control system
  • To see a list of keyboard shortcuts, open "Help | Show Key Assist...".
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