The costume's first public outing was at iPass on Thursday 2 days before Halloween. That was when iPass had their Halloween party.

The gnome gives a gallant pose.

Notice the guy with the huge head on the left. That's Kae's costume. He's a Mii from the Wii! His head is made by putting modeling foam on the outside of a box and then sculpting it and painting it. The crazy thing is that he can't see out of the head at all! He suggested that perhaps some day he would add a camera in the forehead and a screen on the inside. I think that a small hole in one of the eyes might be good enough to at least let me see where he's going.

Those are some bumpy legs I have there.

Matt joins our little costume show.

Our manager likes to shoot us with nerf guns, so it's sort of a thing we enjoy around the office. That's why I'm holding that yellow orange piece of plastic in my hand. It's a part of a gun. For some reason no one could find a whole nerf gun when they were taking pictures.

Matt feeds the gnome some candy.

The gnome joins the party.

This is probably my favorite picture of the gnome. I just think it's so fun to see him standing there in the middle of a group of costumeless people.

This one is great too. You can see most of the gnome. His face just looks so expressive!

The gnome eats some more candy.

Ishita feeds the gnome yet more candy.

Our CEO gets into the fun by poking the gnome in the hat.

For some reason people just like poking the gnome in the eye. Ouch! Initially I thought that the poker was Nandini, but Vidya pointed out that it's actually the person behind her doing the poking. I think that's Shashi!

Here are Matt and Kae again. I love the way that the gnome looks so short next to everyone else. In reality my real head is at the same height as Matt's head.

It gets incredibly hot inside the costume although I found that I could breath fairly easy as long as I put my mouth right up next to the seeing hole in the hat. In any case it's difficult to see inside it, so I took the head off after a while.

I can walk around without too much trouble, but I can't actually see the floor or my own hands when in the costume, so I needed some help to get up the stairs. They were going to help me get up to the top, but the woman in the upper right told them to stop and just let me stand at the bottom of the stairs.

They announced that I had received first prize for best costume, so I put the head back on as I walked over there. After a while I got fairly adept at popping the head on and off. The key was to lift it over my head and then drop it and let it fall to my elbows rather than lifting it down.

The prize she handed me was a $100 gift credit card. That was very nice! It's too bad it cost me roughly $200 to make the costume. I don't really care about that though. When I make a costume I want three things:

  1. I want to take pictures for this website.
  2. I want to win the contest at work.
  3. I want to have people enjoy the costume.

The amount of money I win (if any) isn't really important to me.

The contest took place in the middle of the day, so I still had to work. I just piled the costume up next to my desk for the rest of the day.

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