Javascript doesn't have a direct way to grab a particular url parameter. I found a couple of different url javascript methods for doing it, but they were simply wrong. I don't know what the big deal is. Here's a simple function for doing it:

function getUrlParam(name){
var href = window.location.href;

var pIx = href.indexOf('&'+ name +'=');
if(pIx < 0)
pIx = href.indexOf('?'+ name +'=');
if(pIx < 0)
return null;

var pIx2 = href.indexOf('&',pIx+1);
if(pIx2 < 0)
return href.substring(pIx+name.length+2);
return href.substring(pIx+name.length+2,pIx2);

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