Update June 16, 2005

I've taken pictures of my keychain collection and am going to edit them a few per day. Feel free to check out the front page of http://knowlist.com to see the latest stuff that has been imported.

Update December 14, 2003:

I haven't updated my keychain database or pages in a long time, so the comments in this page about keychain pages can be ignored. I've gotten a lot of additional keychains in the years since 1999 (mostly from my parents at xmas), but I haven't bothered to count how many I have.

As of June 27, 1998, I had 359 keychains.
As of January 03, 1999, I have roughly 500 keychains plus 930 non-unique keychains.

Newsflash: When I went to Comdex I was disappointed to find that no one was giving out keychains. Then, on the very last day of the show, I came across a booth where they were giving away all their keychains because it was cheaper to give them away rather than ship them back. They gave me 930 keychains!

My keychain web pages are currently pretty sad. You can take a look at what's there, but it's not very pretty yet. I haven't scanned in the pictures of the keychains yet. Also, the only way to reach the pages is through the main ID# index and that is not very convenient because the ID# doesn't mean anything. Eventually, I'll probably have subject sheets that point to keychains that have to do with certain subjects and uses. I'll also have a page of pointers to featured keychains that I consider to either be really interesting in themselves or that have interesting stories behind them. Lastly, I plan on having a summary page that lists stats about the collection.

It sure would be nice if I could just pay someone to catalog the collection. I've got other things I'm working on (programming stuff) and it just takes too much time to scan all this stuff in.

Note that because of a mix up with the way I assigned ID#'s to the keychains, the order of the ID#'s below 1000 are irrelevant. The ID#'s after 1000 are assigned more or less in the order that I acquire the keychains. Also, just because a keychain has an ID# of 921, that does not mean I have 921 keychains. Not all ID#'s are assigned. To find out how many keychains I have you'll have to check out the stats page (when I get around to setting up the database to output it).

I have created a keychain database using Microsoft Access 97. I first assigned each keychain an ID# and then stuck that ID# onto the keychain. I then entered the information about the keychain into the database using that ID# as its unique identifier. I have written some routines inside the database in Visual Basic that outputs the database information to HTML pages. Presently, it creates one page per keychain plus an index page of all the ID#'s. Later on it will output a lot of other subject/index/info pages that will help for easier browsing of the database. It will also add a lot more cross references between the keychain pages.

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