True, it is nonsense. But it is important nonsense.

- Professor Ludwig Wittgenstein On His Life's Work,

(Quoted on the title page of The Consultants' Handbook)


I've put my Winona State University transcript online ordered by date in HTML format and a shorter version of it in text
. I've also added scores to each class (in the HTML version)
which signify my opinions on how much work a class required, how difficult
a class was, and how important a class was (I define work, difficult,
and important at the top of the transcript).


In 1994 I graduated from Chippewa Falls high school and moved to Winona
Minnesota where I became a freshman at Winona
State University (WSU)
. I immediately chose Computer Science as my
primary major (there had never been any doubt about that). After taking
Calculus 2 during my first quarter there, I decided to make Mathematics
my secondary major.

However, I enjoyed taking College Physics 1 (in 3rd quarter of 1st
year) so much that I decided to change my Math major into a Math minor
and get a Physics major instead. I sometimes feel a tinge of regret
because I really do enjoy math, but I enjoy learning physics even more.
I made no further changes in my choice of majors.

I also love Philosophy. I value critical thinking and intelligent thought
above almost everything else. Because I enjoy Philosophy so much I planned
my courses so that I got a Philosophy minor.

I graduated magna cum laude in 4 years ending on May 1998. That's actually
more of an organizational accomplishment than an intellectual one. As
long as a person gets the necessary grades (usually a C or better in
major courses and a passing grade in non-major courses) and plans ahead
at least a year in advance, there shouldn't be any problem graduating
in 4 years. To get two almost completely unrelated majors completed
in 4 years required that I plan ahead 2 years in advance. At any given
point in time after my 2nd quarter there, I knew exactly what courses
I would be taking for the next two years (and in what quarters I was
going to take them). The exception to that rule was in the very last
quarter of the last year I was there. I had scheduling problems with
EVERY class I wanted to take! One class overlapped another class, forcing
me to take 2 other classes because the one class satisfied two requirements.
Then, two of the classes I wanted were cancelled and another course
was full. It was a difficult time, but I eventually got everything more
or less straightened out. Except for that last quarter, I never had
a single scheduling problem!


  • I have graduated with a major in Computer Science, a major in Physics,
    a minor in Philosophy, and a minor in Math.
  • I graduated magna cum laude at the end of May 1998.

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