• Make a set of huge eyes (1 foot diameter) with eyelids that blink, which use a motion detector to follow people throughout the room. Sleep (close eyes) when no one is around. Open eyes after a person is in the room for a few moments. To start, just make a small version using ping pong balls for the eyes.
    * Make a 2 foot tall "42" and put it on a clear platter that rotates slowly with lights shining down on it. Paint the "42" gold.

    * Zaxxon
    * Tapper
    * Robotron
    * Gradius
    * Moon Patrol (have a scrolling background with the lander jumping periodically)
    * original Mario Bros.
    * Marble Madness
    * Lunar Lander
    * Pac-Man marble maze
    * Joust
    * Space Invaders
    * Gauntlet maze
    * Elevator Action
    * Dr. Mario
    * Dig Dug
    * replica of donkey kong board
    * working replica of crazy climber
    * working replica of Burger Time
    * asteroids
    * working wooden Breakout replica (where blocks fall when hit by ball hit from below)
    * centipede/millipede made of jelly-like spheres strung up for 2 meters long. Make sure to include legs on each ball.
    * Paint a picture of pacman doing something weird. Like, being a maniac attacking ghosts (as opposed to a normal dot eater who eats ghosts).

    * A costume where it looks like I'm fighting against the wind. I could be wearing a wig that is starched back, a robe held back with metal wires to look like the wind is blowing it, and putty on my cheeks to make them appear blown back. And, of course, wind sounds going in the background. Perhaps the end of the coat could be weighted so that I could actually put my feet way behind me and be walking around against the wind. Perhaps a fan could be goind underneath the coat to make the fabric flap around. My face and hair could be wet to make it look like I was in a thunderstorm. I could walk forward slowly and perhaps even moonwalk to make it look like I was being blown backwards.

    -- Xmas presents
    * clay juggling balls for Clay (with the word "Clay" on them)
    * A video of a sunrise (a Day Vid) for dad.
    * A pair of Jeans cut in half (a Jean) for mom
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