"I may be a captain by rank, but I never wanted
to be anything but an engineer."

-Scottie, STTNG

My Job at Snowball.com

(written 2000-Jan-1)

As of 1999 November 15, I started working as a Java Software Engineer
at Snowball.com. Primarily my job consists of writing back-end web applications
using Java Server Pages and Java Servlets.

I love it here! When I accepted the job here I thought it would probably
be a good place to get professional experience writing Java apps, but
I wasn't sure if I was going to truly enjoy working here. After a month
and a half here I feel that I can safely say that I am very happy that
I accepted the job here at Snowball.com. The people I work with are
fun, knowledgable, and dedicated.

My Job at Intel

(written 1998-Aug-29)

As of June 29, 1998, I started working as a Software Engineer in the
Analysis and Control Tools department at Intel.

I've found that cubicle life really isn't so bad, at least it isn't
so bad in my cubicle. I've got a nice spot. I'm not sure I'd like some
of the other positions that cubicles are in (some have the cubicle entrance
facing someone else's cubicle entrance, some are near the supplies cabinets,
etc.). But mine is in a nice spot.

I'm enjoying myself a lot. I wear a T-shirt and jeans shorts to work
every day and sometimes I walk around the building without my shoes
(just socks). Many people there, especially the managers go for the
business casual thing where they wear a white shirt and some non-jeans
pants. Others wear jeans and a T-shirt. Shorts aren't too common, but
there are a few here and there.

Actually, I've never cared much about looking really nice. I care about
looking adequately presentable. And as long as I don't smell too bad,
I consider myself to be presentable. The key issue is efficiency. (I
do like wearing computer related T-shirts, but T-shirts are all efficient,
so there's no problem there) By efficiency I mean that clothes should
be comfortable to wear, effortless to put on, and easily cleanable.
Everything gets washed in hot water in a standard clothes washer and
dried in a standard clothes drier on high heat. If it's not easily cleanable
I won't wear it unless I'm under duress (and perhaps on special occasions).
I balk at hard to clean clothes.

I loath the fact that I had to waste money on a suit in order to go
job interviewing. In fact, being allowed to wear a T-shirt and jean
shorts every day was a precondition for my willingness to accept a job.
If I couldn't wear jean shorts and a T-shirt to work, every day, I simply
would not accept the job. This is an issue that's more important to
me than the amount of money that I'm paid. I'm going to be spending
at least half my life at work. I'm not willing to spend half my life
uncomfortable because I'm forced to wear uncomfortable clothes.

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