Need to make a cone shaped gnome hat? I made the How To Sew ASphere page as a result of my need to make a sphere for various Halloween costumes. Occasionally people email me and thank me for the information. In that spirit I decided to make a page on how to sew a cone. It's not anywhere near as difficult as figuring out how to sew a sphere, but I want to make it easy for those who don't know the math.

First, you need to know the height (h) and diameter (d) of the cone. The diameter is the diameter of the circle at the base of the cone. The height is the height from the center of the base to the tip of the top. (It is not the length along the edge.) Using those values you calculate the following:

  • radius of circle = r = ???TODO???
  • angle of wedge = a = ???TODO???
Once you get the radius and angle, just cut a Pac-Man shape with a radius r and mouth angle of a. Note that if the cone is very thin it's possible that the angle "a" is large enough that the result will look more like a wedge of cheese than a Pac-Man.

??? Put a picture of a circle of radius r with a wedge of angle a.

Once you make the Pac-Man shape, sew the "mouth" parts together and you have yourself a cone!

??? Put picture of a Pac-Man shape. ???

??? Put picture of the result sewn into a cone shape. ???

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