Humor in everyday conversation follows a few rules. It takes practice, but it's possible to learn to be the funny guy in everyday life.

* David Spade's quote about how being more specific if funnier.
* References to Star Trek's silliness about how hard humor is.
* Humor is all about surprise.
* Stand up comedy is different from being funny in everyday conversation. Comedians set jokes up and then reveal the surprise punchline with precise timing for maximum effect. Everyday humor is situational and very time sensitive.
* 11 second rule I learned from a guy who mentioned it in high school english.
* Example of "noodles" playing Halo 2. Saying "I'm eating soup tonight" or "those noodles are boiled" wasn't really that funny. But, saying "Boom! Pasta everywhere!" got a laugh when I said it right after using a rocket launcher on her. It was more surprising than those other comments and worked because it was timed well.
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