• Release source code for I Must Play.

Game ideas:
  • The player exists as a person inside a snow globe. They can see snow filling the air. Then it'll calm down and then there will be a major earthquake. Sometimes an alien head will be visible in the sky. The goal is to somehow hurt the giant's fingers so they stop shaking the dome. Or perhaps stop the snowfall or keep the snow perpetually in the air by using a snow machine. Have a TV or book that tells you that seismologists have discovered a link between snow and earthquakes. Talk about how it's extremely stormy out. Try to misdirect the player so they don't realize they're in a snow globe. Using snow blowers reduces earthquakes temporarily.
  • Have a game that proceeds in segments. You walk around the world for a bit and then something major happens and all the rooms you went through are now somewhat different. Then it happens once or twice more. Then at the end you discover what the world is and why it was changing.
  • Have a game where, in it you are a person playing a game where, inside that game you need to finish a different game.
  • You join a comet cult where people gain status by killing themselves in the most outrageous way possible.
  • a game based on one of the Vernor Vinge books (ask him for permission)
  • a game where you play two jugglers passing pins back and forth. You need to jump back and forth and be both jugglers
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