Halloween 2006 is over! I was happy to win the Best Character contest at work. I've won 4 years in a row now! Woot!

I've got lots of goodies about my costume here this year. I'm including the plans that I scribbled down before making the costume as well as sound effects, pictures, and some videos of the costume in action.

Select your poison:
Q*Bert costume plans
Q*Bert costume construction pictures
Q*Bert costume Halloween 2006 pictures

Sound effects

Here is the file containing the sound effects that I played through portable speakers as I hopped around in the costume.


Q*Bert entering party
Q*Bert hopping
Q*Bert as center of attention
Q*Bert in Geoff mode
Q*Bert wandering down hall
Q*Bert wandering the 4th floor

If you have Google SketchUp, here is the SketchUp file I used to see what the nose would look like. Warning, it's my first use of this software and the result is pretty pathetic. But, it helped a bit.

Here's what Q*Bert looks like:

Here's the final costume:

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