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* Added shortcut icon by editing header.tpl and adding the following right before </head>
* <link REL="shortcut icon" HREF="/favicon.ico" TYPE="image/x-icon">
Was running out of memory after adding a bunch of modules (see, so I modified /etc/php.ini to have memory_limit set to 32M instead of 8M. I don't know how to restart apache on the server though. Possible ways are at but it doesn't look like I'm allowed to use any of them on the site.

* enable spell checker for wiki editing
* How do I put an edit link at the top of the page so that only admin can use it?
* How do I enable html in certain pages?
* How do I keep the cookie from expiring so soon?
* have forums that are connected to each wiki page (possibly displayed beneath?)
* The menuitem group names are also links, but they don't go anywhere. Fix that.

Interesting modules not enabled:
* last_modif_pages
* random_pages
* since_last_visit_new
* user_pages
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