Put keyboard instructions on page:

Hide the local links on this page so only administrators can see them:

Possibly buy Dungeon Designer:

Why are bulleted lists not set up so that they overhang?

The star name is messed up:

The PacmanCollection page links to a tiki image galleries.
It also points to a Pac-Man instruction manual page which doesn't seem to exist.

This page links directly to images. There are actually smaller thumb images that the images should point at.

The WebHome page includes links to some tiki gallery images.
The image links are done with instead of [page] links.

Find a way to hide the attachments link for pages that do not have any attachments.

Put link to MyMindBlewUp.com in the G42 Nav.

"Main.Asterisk@Home?" page is listed in the page list, but it's not linked.

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