Drum roll please. On May 29, 2003, I entered a new phase of PC ownership. That was the day that my Chenbro SR101 21 bay server case (NOTE: that link no longer works. They apparently went out of business.) arrived. Perhaps you didn't hear me. I said it was a 21 bay case! It's 14.5" wide and 25" tall! (The 25" includes the caster wheels.) It's a monster and unless you're one of the lucky few who own a case like this, it would most likely eat your case for an after dinner snack!

It's a masterpiece of case design! There are holders for wires in it to reduce clutter. It's like running a network inside the PC.

It has spaces for up to 15 fans.

It has caster wheels.

The motherboard is on a removable platter so I was able to just take the platter out and put the motherboard on it instead of having to put it into the case directly.

It has 12 external 5.25" bays and 8 internal 3.5" bays and 1 external 3.5" bay for the floppy drive.

The floppy drive bay has a removable platter so you can attach the drive to it and then attach the platter to the case.

The case comes with rails for the 5.25" bays. You attach the rails to each 5.25" device (CDROM, removable hard drive, etc.) and you can just slide the device into the bay and it snaps in place. You just squeeze the sides to pull them back out. There's no need to have to screw each one in and out when you want to move them around!

There's room in the back for 3 power supplies (I have 2 installed right now) and it's possible attach power supplies into the 5.25" bays if desired which theoretically means you could have 7 power supplies in it, but you wouldn't have much room left over for anything else.

The back, sides, top, and front panels are all removable, so if I want to I can remove them and have them painted or even paint them myself! (I was thinking of maybe having the entire thing painted shiny dark black with 1 big yellow pacman on each side.) I wonder if they sell spoilers for PC cases… Actually, I think I may have no choice but to add neon lights to it. Two of my fans are currently glowing green fans. One is in back and one is in front, so the thing glows a spooky green when the lights are off.

Here are some pictures of the case before I put anything in it.

Here are some pictures of the case after I put stuff in it.

Ooh, spooky!

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