I'll upload pictures in the future, but for now I'll just list the cool tools that I have.

Woodworking tools:

  • benchtop jointer
  • benchtop bandsaw
  • 14.4v cordless drill
  • 24v cordless drill
  • scroll saw
  • 13" planer
  • compound miter saw
  • drill press
  • circular saw
  • "Senco FinishPro 18", 18 guage brad nailer. (5/8" to 2" brads)
  • 2 gallon air compressor (up to 135 psi)
  • jigsaw
  • hand held finishing sander
  • 10" table saw (this is horrible. I'm getting a good one as soon as I get a garage.)
  • router
  • wood lathe

Metalworking tools

  • angle grinder. This is great for the occasional times that I need to cut metal. For instance, the rail for my keyboard tray was too long for my desk, so I just pulled out my angle grinder and cut a few inches off the end.

Sewing and other fabric related tools

  • White Rotary 979 40-Stitch Function Electronic Sewing Machine
  • a screen printing kit

Cement, clay, and plaster related tools

  • I just have some trowels and other basic tools for this sort of thing.

Painting tools

  • Lots of paints and brushes.

Misc supplies

  • I have numerous varieties of tapes, adhesives, strings, and ropes.

Things I might want

  • A plotter-cutter would be very cool. It would make it easy to make stencils for screen printing.
  • A 36" printer would be cool. It would allow me to make huge signs!
  • A laser cutting tool for cutting wood and metal precisely would be very cool. These things seem to cost thousands of dollars, so I don't think I could excuse it for hobby work, but I'm trying to find one on ebay for under $1000.
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