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!! How to deploy GWT
It's amazing how difficult some explanations make it. Once you know how, it's easy, but that's certainly not for lack of obfuscation by numerous explanations on the subject.

Here is a clear explanation. Just do this and you're golden.
  1. Run ViewOnt-compile.cmd (this puts some files in the www dir)
2. Copy all files from www/com.whatever/* to an empty directory which will be the root of the war file. From now on I'll refer to that directory as $WARDIR.
3. Copy all the classes from bin into "$WARDIR/WEB-INF/classes".
4. Copy all the files from the lib directory into "$WARDIR/WEB-INF/lib". That should include gwt-user.jar.
5. Add a web.xml to the "$WARDIR/WEB-INF" directory. This is the tricky part.

The web.xml is the only tricky part of the process. Look at your *.gwt.xml file. Look at the servlet line. It might be something like:
<servlet path="/ontSvc" class="com.knowlist.ont.sf.view.server.OntServiceImpl"/>
For the above servlet line you would add the following servlet to the web.xml (in addition to the standard web-app xml elements):
Once you've done all that, you could be able to war up that directory and deploy it.

After finding a bunch of stupid explanations on how to do this, I finally found the following page which laid it out in a reasonably straightforward way:

Multi-browser testing sites:
http://browsershots.org/ (this is free and really good!
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